Regwrite autohotkey examples

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Latest AHK Versions

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Autohotkey – How to Switch the Mouse Pointer Icon - Stylus Pen & Mouse Device

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While it has a few advantages and improvements, it is also has bugs, regressions and missing functionality. AutoIt source code was completely rewritten in C++ and development stalled untilwhen the first beta version of AutoIt v3 was released.

Over beta versions. Within a registry loop, RegDelete and RegDeleteKey do not necessarily delete the current loop item.

If the item is a subkey, RegDelete() only deletes its default value while RegDeleteKey() deletes the key itself.

Function Reference

If the item is a value, RegDeleteKey() deletes the key which contains that value, including all subkeys and values. After installing AutoHotkey, run it; you'll get a dialog to make a script: Hit Yes and paste the above code into the file, save it.

Remapping Keys and Buttons

Now run AutoHotkey again so it sits in your tray. It will now listen for the key combinations above until you right-click its tray icon and exit it.

Jul 20,  · Is it a DWORD? Because the max value of a DWORD is Check the value again is it a DWORD? Lar. Learn details about scripts in general, splitting long lines, compiling a script, passing command line parameters, codepage and debugging.

Regwrite autohotkey examples
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