Examples of contrastive linguistics

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On this view, contrastive linguistics is a special case of linguistic typology and is distinguished from other types of typological approaches by a small sample size and a high degree of granularity. Accordingly, any pair or group of languages (even Latin and Dyirbal) can be subject to a contrastive analysis.

This definition includes TESOL, ESL, Second Language Teaching, Second Language Learning and Contrastive Linguistics. This category is equivalent to the Library of Congress subject heading 'Language and Education,' not the LCSH category 'Applied Linguistics,' which includes computer applications of linguistics.

Contrastive lexicology is the contrastive study of the vocabularies of two (or more) languages. It concerns itself with the transposition of lexical items from L1 to L2 and vice-versa, facing such difficulties as culture-bound vocabulary, interlingual mismatches, lexical gaps, etc (ibid.: 62–).

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Contrastive Linguistics

This has our reading list and podcast & video suggestions. additional examples aren't helpful unless they drive an analysis They can be lexically contrastive - either alone or in combination. (When alone, you have lexically contrastive phonation or lexically contrastive tone; when together you have lexically.

Handbook documenting the research of the Swiss phraseology tradition, with chapters on idiom classification, basic terminology, pragmatics, psycholinguistics, language acquisition, contrastive phraseology, and historical phraseology.

This collection is fully in German. Burger, Harald, Dmitrij. Contrastive pragmatics. Jef Verschueren. 1. Introduction: Pragmatics and variability.

Pragmatics, as the science of language use, cannot ignore the variability of language resources from which.

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