Combustion of alkanols essay example

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With the help of a successful chemical equation explain what happens when any one of them follows with [] sodium hydroxide. I tested the burning efficiency of various alcohols, making the independent variable the molar mass of the alcohol.

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I did the experiment, and concluded that as the molar mass increases, so too does the enthalpy of combustion, and hence efficiency as a fuel. To investigate the standard enthalpy change of combustion for 5 consecutive alcohols in the alcohol homologous series, methanol, ethanol, propanol, butanol and pentanol, by using a calorimetric method to calculate the heat gained by the cm3 water in the experiment, and thus the heat lost by the alcohol lamp at standard temperature and.

Incomplete combustion – there is a restricted supply of oxygen, the alcohol was burning with an orange flame rather than blue. Some of the alcohol did not burn completely, giving carbon and carbon monoxide rather than carbon dioxide. The combustion of alcohols is exothermic and in my experiment, I will use the energy released from burning a known mass of alcohol to heat a known amount of water.

I can then compare the alcohols as fuels by calculating the quantity. Through thorough experiments it would be more efficient to use ethanol because, the heat of combustion of ethanol is KJ/mole, ignition temperature of oC and flash point of 13 oC. Whereas Methanol’s heat of combustion is KJ/mole, ignition temperature of oC and flash point of 12 oC.

For example, with C4H8, it isn't too difficult to come up with these three structural isomers: There is, however, another isomer.

The combustion of Alcohols investgation Essay Sample

Butene also exhibits geometric isomerism.

Combustion of alkanols essay example
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